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Dedicated to György Ligeti

1923 – 2023


Cristina Zavalloni – Tetraktis Percussioni


Celestial Sphere Music represents a motion towards new musical materials,  a new artistic dimenison which has to be discovered and heard, an attraction to a "future suond".

Voice and percussion embody a magical artistic duo, they trace a temporal bow which connect the beginning of the music with the infinite celestial sphere. The listener is involved in a sound vortex full of original timbers, of unexpected rythmical gaems and dialogues between voice and vital pulsation.




Federico Gardella

Essere Bosco * (2019) - percussion quartet

John Cage

Aria (1950) - solo voice

Silvia Colasanti

titolo da definire* (2023) -  voice and percussion quartet

Riccardo Panfili

Tekoser* (2023) - percussion quartet

Gyorgy Ligeti

Sippal Dobbal, nadihegeduvel (2000) - voice and percussion quartet

*commissionato da Tetraktis Percussioni e dedicato a Tetraktis Percussioni

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