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Today, the use of sounds from nature (green pine branches, dry leaves, water) mixed with orthodox musical instruments, grouped according to the material they are made from (wood, leather, glass, metal) may surprise listeners. In these compositions the instruments are mainly swiped, not struck, and the rhythmic patterns belong to different musical styles - rock, reggae, jazz - without ever creating a language that can be entirely defined in a unique way.
G.Rossini - Ouverture Italiana in Algeri (1813) 
S.Sciarrino - Un fruscìo lungo trent'anni (1967-1999) 
A.Vivaldi - Presto da Concerto RV315 (estate) (1725)
V.Guastella - Times are changing (2020) 
G.Sollima - Millennium Bug II-mov (1999)
F.Gardella - Essere Bosco (2019)
A.Ponchielli - Danza delle ore (da La Gioconda) (1876)
F.Sulpizi - Japigia (1993)
Photo by Gianfranco Mancini
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