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The Glass Concert project was born in 2014, inspired by Arpa Umbria (Regional Agency for Enviroment Protection), Steroglass S.R.L. and Tetraktis Percussion.
The essential idea is the extrapolation of obsolete raw materials and production scraps in borosilicate glass that in the past were used for industrial chemistry. The glass transparency, the pureness of his timber and the experience in manipulate his shapes, give the opportunity to sound masters, in particular percussion master, to go through innovative sounds in musical or technological way. This is a research project dynamic and passionate, thought for an audience interested in new cultural and emotional routes, looking to the sustainability.
The glass is a "high viscosity moving liquid", if you play it with wise hands it gaves you sweet sounds that remember the nature; also his chemical composition based on silica remind us the sand, which is one of the simpliest and extraordinarily fascinating elements the nature gave us. Also the water, the second cornerstone element of our project, becomes main character of the sound: the slow phasing of drops falling down in the silence creates special musical atmospheres.
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